Why Do Hydraulic Hoses Fail Prematurely?

Why Do Hydraulic Hoses Fail Prematurely?

Hydraulic systems are made up of many different components. You have motors, cylinders, pumps and actuators. There are also valves, fittings, seals and accumulators that need to work properly to keep equipment running smoothly. While all of these components are important, hydraulic hoses are a critical part of the system. These hoses ensure the flow of power and fluid throughout the system, and without them you are going to experience issues with your equipment.

However, like any other component in a system, hoses need to be installed, maintained and replaced properly or they too will fail.

Why Hoses Fail

So, why do hoses specifically fail? There are a number of reasons why hydraulic hoses fail prematurely and the majority of them are due to user – or installer – error. One reason that hoses can fail is improper installation or routing that can create abrasions in hoses. Additionally, if you operate the system at a pressure higher than your hose is rated for, or experience pressure surges that exceed what your relief valve can handle, you can see issues with your hoses. Higher operating temperatures are another factor that can cause your hoses to fail quicker than normal. Extreme temperatures externally can also impact the life of your hydraulic hoses, as can exposure to chemicals, mildew, oil and cleaning solvents.

Compatibility Matters

When it comes to hydraulic hoses it is important that they are compatible with the system they are being used in. That means taking into account operating temperatures and pressures, as well as considering what external conditions or contaminants your hoses will be subjected to. You also need to determine what hose is adequate for what fittings, and the best way to route your system. The list goes on and on and it can be difficult to determine the proper hose for your system.

Cut Costs with Proper Hose Applications

Bringing in the professionals to assist with your hose fitting might seem like an unnecessary cost, but in reality it can actually save you money! By utilizing the experience and knowledge of a professional, you can be sure that you are getting the right hose for your system. This can save replacement and repair costs down the road. A quality hose with the proper installation can also lower your operating costs and ensure that your equipment keeps running properly.

Bernell Hydraulics Can Help!

At Bernell Hydraulics, we know all about hoses in hydraulic systems. For over 43 years we have been working in the hydraulics industry and have all of the knowledge and experience necessary to help keep your hydraulic equipment running smoothly. Call us the Hose Doctor, because when it comes to hydraulic hoses, we can install, maintain, and replace them in the appropriate manner. This ensures that your hoses do not fail prematurely, which saves you from costly downtime and repairs. Give us a call at 909-899-1751 today if you’re ready to learn more!

Posted on June 28, 2017
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