What if Your Hydraulic Hose Could Tell You It’s About to Fail?

Eaton LifeSense hydraulic hose technology helps you know when to replace your hose

What if Your Hydraulic Hose Could Tell You It’s About to Fail?Hydraulic hoses are one of the most vulnerable parts of a hydraulic system. Because a hose failure can be costly in terms of unscheduled downtime and possible collateral damage to equipment, frequent hose inspections and preventative replacements are often recommended. Unfortunately, periodic hose replacements based on the age of the hose alone often end up robbing hydraulic equipment operators of a significant portion of the life of their hose. Leading hydraulic hose supplier Eaton, in partnership with Purdue University, embarked on a research project to change that, and the end result was the development of Eaton LifeSense hose.

How LifeSense Works

LifeSense is an intelligent hydraulic hose condition monitoring system that is designed to detect events associated with hose failure. Though the details of exactly how the system works are kept a proprietary secret by Eaton, the gist of it is that certain electrical properties of hose change as it degrades, and LifeSense is able to detect these changes through periodic sampling conducted by a diagnostic unit. When the system detects conditions associated with an imminent failure, it generates an alert so that the equipment operator knows to replace the hose. One diagnostic unit can be paired with up to 11 hose assemblies.

Get More from Your Hoses

In tests conducted during the development of LifeSense technology, researchers discovered that hydraulic equipment operators were losing out on an average of 50 percent of their hoses’ useful life by replacing the hoses on a time-based schedule. Switching to LifeSense can enable you to capture this formerly wasted hose life and get the most out of your hoses. You can also save money and hassle because you won’t have to deal with downtime due to hose failure. The cost savings could be hundreds of dollars for construction equipment or hundreds of thousands of dollars for an offshore drilling platform.

On-site Hose Replacement

Regardless of what type of hydraulic hose you may be using, you can get a fast and reliable on-site replacement with help from Bernell Hydraulics. Simply give us a call, tell us what hose you need, and we’ll have one of our skilled mobile technicians deliver and install it for you. We can even create custom hose assemblies for you. Our services are available 24 hours a day so you can get back to work faster.

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