Hydraulic Filter Types and Locations

Hydraulic Filter Types and Locations

Hydraulic systems are extremely complex. With so many different components, it can be hard to select the proper part for every step of the process. However, making the wrong decision when it comes to an essential component like filters can be detrimental to the efficiency of your system. Hydraulic and lubrication filters are important to any system and Bernell Hydraulics is here to help you understand how they relate to your system specifically. Here are the different types of hydraulic and lubrication filters and their optimal locations:

Pressure Filter

A pressure filter is meant to protect the remainder of the components throughout the system. They are typically installed to separate the pump outlet and the rest of the hydraulic parts in the system.

Suction Filter

A suction filter is positioned on a suction port of the pump in a system. It can also be submerged in a reservoir and attached to the suction line that leads to the pump. Keep in mind that high-efficiency filters are typically not placed by the suction side because a large differential in pressure can cause the pump to ultimately fail.

Pilot Line Pressure Filter

If a system has sensitive components that cannot handle the entire flow, a pilot line pressure filter may be installed. These allow you to filter the whole system to the appropriate level. However, as an alternative, you can also use a smaller filter with a finer filter in the sensitive portion of the system with a coarser filter for the remainder of the system.

Return Filter

Another type of filter is the return filter. This can either be installed inside the reservoir or in-line. For return filters, the designer collects all of the flow and directs it through the return line filter to ensure proper cleanliness and pressure.

Duplex High & Low Pressure Filters

There are Duplex High-Pressure and Duplex Low-Pressure filters. The goal of both of these is to create reciprocity if one filter needs to be serviced. Duplex filters have two housings with a transfer valve separating them that allows you to control where the flow is directed.

Off Line Filter

An off-line filter is a self-contained filter that operates separately from the entire system. It can be either a dedicated off-line filter or a mobile off-line filter.

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Posted on June 19, 2018
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