Hydraulic Equipment Applications Throughout Various Industries

Hydraulic Equipment Applications Throughout Various Industries

Hydraulic machinery plays a large role in many different industries, some which you might not even think of. With the ability to push harder, move faster and lift heavier loads, hydraulics have become a huge part of manufacturing operations among other things. Though the machines need to be properly maintained, they are used across various different industries.

Here’s a closer look at just a few of the industries where hydraulic equipment is used daily…


With farms that stretch for acres and acres, it simply isn’t possible for farm lands to be cultivated individually by hand. This is especially true when you consider that planting and harvesting must take place in certain narrow windows of time. That is why the agriculture industry uses hydraulic machinery that can meet the high demands of planting, clearing and harvest season. You can thank hydraulic equipment for a majority of the fresh foods found in your supermarket!

Coal Mining

Coal miners work in dark, cramped quarters on a daily basis, and the equipment used needs to be able to handle heavy loads and plenty of working hours. Hydraulic equipment is also able to be custom built and ensure high safety and efficiency standards are met while coal is mined. While the industry itself is less well-known to the public, hydraulics play a big role in the coal mining industry.

Automobile Manufacturers

Though not just limited to automobile manufacturers, hydraulic equipment does play a large role in the manufacturing of automobiles. Conveyor belts are moving hundreds and thousands of pounds every second, and there are also automated hydraulic machines working on the automobiles.


This is one of the most common applications for hydraulic equipment. The construction industry runs rampant with hydraulic machinery, because so often heavy loads are being moved, or impressive force needs to be generated to complete a job. From earth movers and plows to cranes that hoist metal beams high into the sky, hydraulic machinery is a big part of this industry.

Amusement Parks

This might not be a common use that comes to mind, but hydraulic equipment is prevalent in essentially every amusement park, no matter how big or small. Rides throughout amusement parks must be able to accommodate frequent movement and have the ability to hoist thousands of pounds safely with the number of passengers on a ride.

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Posted on March 24, 2017
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