Hydraulic Cylinders You Can Count On in Any Situation

Buying your hydraulic cylinders from Bernell is hassle-free and offers the following benefits:Buy Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Agricultural, marine, automotive, industrial, mobile…Whatever your industry, Bernell can provide the right hydraulic cylinder for your equipment
  • Conveniently purchase Lion TX2500 cylinders from our store and get them fast, no matter where you’re located
  • Get custom cylinders built to specification for your needs and shipped straight to you
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re working with an expert company with over 35 years of experience in the hydraulic cylinders business

You need quality hydraulic cylinders for your job. Bernell brings you the experience, technology, and quality you demand.

We have all kinds of Lion hydraulic cylinders, including tie rod cylinders designed to accommodate a variety of pressure requirements and shock loads. Buy Lion cylinders from us and enjoy premium quality, advanced sealing technology, competitive pricing, and Lion’s solid 30-month fair exchange warranty.

Custom Hose Builder

When ordering your cylinders, don’t forget your other hydraulic components! After all, for your hydraulic cylinders to perform their best, you need quality hoses and fittings to connect them securely to the rest of your system. You’ll also need nice clean filters to keep grit from scoring your brand new cylinders. We have those too—in fact we have just about any hydraulic component you could need in our online store.

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