How to Find Quality Parts for Parker Hydraulic Motors

Shop with an authorized dealer like Bernell to get quality parts for Parker hydraulic motors

Parker Hydraulic Motors

Finding a new part for your heavy machinery is nowhere near as easy as running to your local auto parts store to get new part for your car. Heavy machinery with specialized components like Parker hydraulic motors also require specialized service and maintenance. You can’t purchase parts for them just anywhere!

Authorized Dealers

Parker hydraulic motors come from a world leader in orbit-type, low speed, high torque motors. Parker’s Torqmotor has been a favorite since 1964, and the compact straight shaft motors in their Nichols line have also become quite popular. Due to this long history of quality and performance, Parker motors have gained quite a following and now there are many authorized dealers specializing in Parker motors and parts. These authorized dealers have years—sometimes even decades—of experience with the Parker product line. This means that they not only stock the parts, they also understand how the parts work in a hydraulic motor. They are qualified to give useful advice about various parts options. By going to an authorized dealer, you can be doubly sure you will receive the right parts that will keep your Parker motor at top performance.

Special Orders

When looking for quality parts for Parker Hydraulic motors, going to an authorized dealer will help increase the odds of being able to pick up the parts you need right off the shelf. However, even dealers occasionally run out of certain parts or fail to stock parts for very old models. If this is the case, you can always find your parts by special order through the dealer. Because all Parker parts are made in Tennessee, it won’t take long at all to get your order shipped to the dealer and into your hands.

Custom Components

From time to time it may be necessary to create custom parts for your hydraulic motor. Of course, this should be a last resort—it is much better to use the high quality parts made by Parker in their own manufacturing plant, because you know that these parts are subjected to rigid quality control processes. But if for some reason you can’t get the parts from Parker, look for an authorized dealer than also has machining capabilities. That way, at least you know that the machinist creating your part has a thorough understanding of Parker motors and hydraulic components, so they will be able to create the best possible replacement part for you.

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