Happy Holidays from Your Friends at Bernell Hydraulics!

Happy Holidays from Your Friends at Bernell Hydraulics!

It’s the third week of December. That means a few things. If you’re living in the north, it means that you probably received at least a foot of snow already this winter. Thankfully, our headquarters in sunny California hasn’t seen any snow yet this year! Aside from the cold, biting weather in the northern parts of the country, there’s something else that comes with the month of December – the holiday season!

It’s evident everywhere you look. From carolers making their way up and down streets, to houses wrapped in festive light, there’s no avoiding the holiday season. Even stepping into the mall it’s like you are transported into a winter wonderland! That can be both exciting and stressful. Thankfully, when it comes to your hydraulic component needs, Bernell Hydraulics has you covered no matter what time of year it is!

Preventative Maintenance Services

Like any machine, hydraulic equipment needs to be well maintained on a regular basis. Sure, you can drive a car for years without changing the oil, but you’ll be faced with a very costly repair down the road. The same is true for hydraulic machinery. At Bernell Hydraulics, we offer preventative maintenance services to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently year round.

In Stock Hydraulic Components

When you need a hydraulic component and you need it fast, there’s no better place to look than Bernell Hydraulics. We have four convenient locations throughout the Inland Empire area of Southern California. With full lines of hydraulic components, if you need it, we have it! For those who don’t live in sunny California, we also have an online store that offers the same quality hydraulic components. With global shipping, no matter where you are, we can reach you!

Hydraulic Equipment Repair

Things never break down at convenient times, do they? Thankfully, Bernell Hydraulics offers 24/7 emergency repair. It doesn’t matter if your equipment breaks down on Christmas Eve or 2pm on a regular Tuesday, we’ll have someone out there to get you back up and running. With over 43 years in the business, Bernell Hydraulics is a name that you can trust to get the job done right.

Happy Holidays from Bernell Hydraulics!

No matter what time of year it is, Bernell Hydraulics is here to support you and your hydraulic equipment. Whether you need emergency repairs on Christmas Eve, or to schedule your regular maintenance, we’re here for you! With four conveniently located hydraulic component retail stores and global shipping, no matter where you are in the world and what holiday you are celebrating, Bernell can help you out! Just give us a call at 909-899-1751 to set up an appointment. To learn more or shop our online inventory, visit us on the web at Bernell Hydraulics.

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