Global Hydraulic Equipment Market Will Grow 5 Percent in Next 5 Years

Construction growth is fueling demand for hydraulic parts & equipment according to industry forecast

According to a recent industry forecast report from Infiniti Research Limited, manufacturers of hydraulic parts and equipment can look forward to slow but steady growth in the next few years. In fact, analysts predict that globally, the hydraulic equipment market will grow 4.86 percent by the end of 2018. The report cited two major reasons for this expected growth.

Demand for New Fluids

hydraulic partsFirst of all, the analysts noted that many hydraulic equipment operators are switching from traditional fluids to new water glycol and polyol ester fluids in order to take advantage of their fire resistant qualities. This trend is generating increasing demand for fire resistant fluids, and manufacturers are expected to respond by ramping up production. Therefore fluids are expected to play a big part in the growth of the hydraulic equipment market between now and 2018.

Growth of Construction Industry

Secondly, the analysts point to increasing growth of the worldwide construction industry as a prime contributor to the growth of the hydraulic equipment market. After all, hydraulic systems such as cranes, forklifts, bulldozers and more are vital for the execution of all kinds of construction projects. The United States, which has been in the grip of an economic slump in the past few years, is finally showing improvement in the construction industry. This should bring growth not only to the manufacturers of the hydraulic parts and equipment needed for American construction projects, but also to the nation as a whole.

Limiting Factors

The report also discussed the factors that may limit the growth of the hydraulic equipment industry. The main limiting factor is thought to be the high maintenance cost of hydraulic equipment, which effectively prices some consumers out of the market.

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Posted on March 18, 2014
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