Fascinating Facts About Hydraulics

Fascinating Facts About Hydraulics

Many people view hydraulics as a technical wonder, not realizing how the equipment can achieve what seems to them as the impossible. How can that hydraulic powered piece of construction material so easily lift tons of concrete that humans would never be able to? The truth is that hydraulics are not magic and there are actual very real reasons why they are able to achieve the impossible. Used in a variety of applications, here are some interesting facts about hydraulics.

  1. Hydraulic systems must be comprised of at least four basic components. There needs to be a container that stores oil and fluids, a pump that propels the fluids through the system, a valve to regulate the pressure and flow of the fluids inside the system and a cylinder to convert the movement of fluids into actual work. There are other components in between, but all systems must have these four.
  2. Any energy put into hydraulic systems will come out in one of two ways. It is either converted into work, or the energy used to actually operate the machine, or will be lost in the form of heat.
  3. A hydraulic system will only work if the oil in it is compressed to an extreme pressure. Without these high pressure, the equipment will not function.
  4. NASA once used hydraulic pumps in a space shuttle that operated at 3600 RPM. Each of these pumps could provide an impressive—and nearly unheard of—3050 PSI.
  5. No new energy is created in a hydraulic system. In fact, hydraulic equipment simply converts existing energy from one form to another.
  6. A hydraulic system has oil pushed through it entirely by air pressure. The system does not pull the oil in itself, as some people believe.
  7. Hydraulic systems come in two main types—hydrostatics and hydrodynamics. Hydrostatics utilize their fluids at low speeds, but extremely high pressures, whereas hydrodynamic systems use fluids at lower pressures, but higher speeds.
  8. Hydraulic energy comes in three main forms. Kinetic energy is caused by moving liquids, potential energy is caused by pressure, and heat energy, which is generated by resisting the flow of fluids.

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