Fall into a Set Preventative Maintenance Schedule This September

Fall into a Set Preventative Maintenance Schedule This September

Once September hits, things seem to slow down a bit. Younger children are back in school and older ones head back to college. The roads are more congested during the morning and afternoon commute, but during the day and night, things seem calmer. Parks and stores aren’t as overflowing because kids need to get adequate sleep for school the next day. The slowdown makes fall a great time to get yourself organized, especially at work. What better way to do that than falling into a regimented preventative maintenance schedule for your hydraulic equipment? If you still don’t have time, Bernell Hydraulics can help!

Does Bernell Hydraulics offer preventative maintenance services?

Yes, we do! Since 1977, we have been working to provide exemplary hydraulic services throughout Southern California. Our preventative maintenance services are in place to help ensure that your hydraulic machinery continues running smoothly. Regular maintenance is key, but it often falls to the wayside when larger issues arise. With Bernell Hydraulics, you can rest assured that no matter how busy the facility or worksite gets, that your equipment will stay on a regimented maintenance cycle.

Our experienced technicians will show up on site and go through a litany of checks, including:

  • Checking oil and other fluid levels to ensure they are adequate and changing them out when necessary
  • Looking at filters and determining if they need to be replaced
  • Checking temperature levels to ensure that equipment is operating within the specified limits
  • Running diagnostic tests to check pressure and other specifications
  • Visual overview to look for any cracked valves, hoses, etc.

Why does preventative maintenance really matter?

Let’s put it this way…would you rather pay thirty dollars to have the oil changed on your car every few months, or thousands for a total engine overhaul caused by dirty or insufficient oil levels? Most people would choose the thirty dollars, and that same theory relates to hydraulic equipment as well. If you fail to conduct regular maintenance on your hydraulic machinery, you can see yourself footing extremely costly repair bills. Not to mention the lost production time when your system goes down. It’s cheaper and easier to just ensure that periodic maintenance is conducted.

Ready to join the Bernell Hydraulics team?

If you are ready to get your preventative maintenance back on track this fall with the help of Bernell Hydraulics, you can give us a call at 909-899-1751. We look forward to learning more about your business and hydraulic equipment, to analyze how we can best serve you. From oil changes to diagnostic tests, Bernell Hydraulics will ensure that everything keeps running smoothly year round. Save yourself from the prospect of costly and avoidable repairs by taking advantage of our professional preventative maintenance services today!

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