Everyday Living Gets a Boost From Modern Hydraulics

Boost From Modern HydraulicsIt’s easy to recognize the numerous applications of hydraulics in modern industry. What’s not so obvious is the role these systems play in daily living, from transportation to common medical uses. Hydraulic systems have been a mainstay of modern living for centuries, and their role does not seem to be diminishing any time soon.

The History of Hydraulics

Originating in ancient times, hydraulic systems were responsible for a variety of crucial tasks, including things like plumbing systems and irrigation. Such innovative designs allowed many ancient civilizations to prosper. These days, hydraulic systems have seemingly boundless applications all over the industrial world. This includes functions in transportation, construction, medicine, and even industries like mining and railway operation. The following examples are just a few of the many diverse functions of hydraulics currently in use today.


While large machinery regularly makes use of complex hydraulic systems, the mechanisms that govern these technologies are actually incredibly simple. This simplicity is evident in the common syringe, a device that is in use at hospitals and clinics all over the world. By applying force to the plunger, a syringe withdraws or expels liquid. While on an extremely small scale, this is the same principle governing larger hydraulic applications. Because liquid is unable to be compressed, it must be redistributed. For this reason, syringes are often used to illustrate the basic function of hydraulic systems.

Car Brakes

In years past, vehicles utilized a mechanical braking system that did not always perform as expected. With the advent of hydraulic braking, operating a vehicle has become a much smoother and more reliable experience, which is important for keeping drivers safe while on the road. The principal is quite simple: when the driver depresses the pedal, pressure is transferred from the master cylinder to the rest of the braking system via tubing. Each wheel is outfitted with its own brake, which then engages to slow the movement of a vehicle. As a result, effective stopping power is made possible.


The same passenger planes responsible for ferrying travelers to and from their allotted destinations are replete with a variety of hydraulic systems, each of which performs a vital task. In many cases, hydraulic systems are responsible for this proper deployment of landing gear, which is a hugely important aspect of flying. This is ideal for something as sizable as a jet because hydraulic systems can be designed to suit various load-bearing capacities. They are also reliable enough to ensure efficient operation, which is vastly important when dealing with air travel.

Hydraulic Systems Offer Safe and Efficient Processes

Without these systems in place, the world would be much less efficient, as well as far more dangerous. Thankfully, Bernell Hydraulics can offer many innovative solutions to a variety of industry needs. For more information, please contact a service representative today at 909-899-1751.

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