Have You Done Your Spring Maintenance Yet?

Bernell Hydraulics can help with many maintenance tasks to help keep your hydraulic equipment performing its best.

Spring MaintenanceMay is already halfway over and even in the colder parts of the country folks are finally seeing long-awaited signs of spring. Just because spring weather was delayed in many parts of the US doesn’t give you an excuse to delay spring maintenance for your hydraulic system! If you haven’t done so already, you need to take action now to attend to the following quarterly and annual maintenance tasks.

Oil Analysis

Sampling your hydraulic fluid and checking its cleanliness and integrity via oil analysis should actually not be reserved for spring maintenance, but should be done quarterly. That being said, make sure you remember your spring analysis! Bernell Hydraulics offers expert oil analysis services along with fluid flushes and top offs as needed. You can count on us to make sure the fluid sample gets taken from an active line and no contaminants are introduced to the sample or your system in the process.

Filter Changes

Some hydraulic systems are equipped with indicators that notify you when a filter is approaching the end of its life. If you have such indicators, be sure to check them often and especially at quarterly maintenance appointments. If you don’t have indicators, you will need to proactively replace filters every so often. Bernell Hydraulics can help you choose the right filters for your system that will deliver the best possible protection and longevity.

Inventory Check

At least once per year, you should check your parts inventory to make sure you have the components you need to make routine hydraulic repairs on hand. Spring maintenance is as good time as any to schedule this task. Bernell Hydraulics can help you keep your inventory stocked with quality products from top hydraulics parts manufacturers, as well as respond to emergency needs with fast parts ordering and delivery.

Schematics Check

Keeping an accurate, up to date schematic of your equipment along with a log of recent maintenance and repair jobs will help make future troubleshooting and repairs easier. Again, spring is a good time for this annual task.

System Cleaning

Now, finally, we have the actual spring cleaning part of your spring maintenance activities. By keeping the outside of the hydraulic equipment free of dust, dirt, and grime, you can reduce the chances of accidentally introducing contamination into the system during routine maintenance tasks like hose replacement, filter replacement, or fluid top offs.

Posted on May 20, 2014
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