Diagnosing Problems with Hydraulic Cylinders Riverside CA

Common problems with hydraulic cylinders Riverside CA and how to fix them

Diagnosing Problems with Hydraulic Cylinders Riverside CA

Hydraulic cylinders are a vital part of the mechanical guts that keep your hydraulic equipment running properly. When your cylinders fail, you can be faced with an expensive repair or replacement situation, not to mention costly downtime while your machinery stands idle.

According to experts, about 1 in 4 mechanical equipment failures are due to design flaws. If your hydraulic cylinders Riverside CA have been failing repeatedly or a bit too frequently for comfort, you may need to address some design issues or purchase a different type of hydraulic cylinder next time.

Bent Rods

Bent rods can cause too much of a load to be placed on the cylinder’s rod seal, which in turn causes the seal to fail and the cylinder to need repair or replacement. Rods can get bent for a variety of reasons. They might be made from a weak material, not have a large enough diameter, or be mounted improperly with respect to the cylinder arrangement. Of course, your problem might be a combination of all three.

Always test for rod straightness whenever cylinder repairs are needed. If the rod is bent, double check the rod’s load. If the load exceeds permissible limits, you need to increase the rods diameter and/or tensile strength when you make your repair.

Ballooned Tubes

Cylinder walls can sometimes get warped out of shape, which results in the escape of high-pressure fluid and a reduction in seal life. This warping can occur due to insufficient wall thickness in the cylinder and/or insufficient material strength. Check the cylinder’s maximum operational pressure recommendations, and make sure that your machinery is not causing those recommendations to be exceeded.

Dry Seals

One last common problem with hydraulic cylinders Riverside CA is dry seals. This problem is related to rod finish. When the surface roughness on your cylinder rod’s finish is too low, the cylinder will not retain lubrication properly. Therefore the seals will not be adequately lubricated, and they will dry out and fail. If your seals are drying out too often, consider applying an alternative rod surface treatment that will add texture and improve the rod’s ability to transmit lubrication.

If everything seems to be in order with the specs and materials in your hydraulic cylinders Riverside CA, but they continue to fail sooner than they should, you might need to switch brands to escape a hidden design flaw. In this case, asking an expert hydraulic parts supplier for advice will be very helpful.

Posted on March 9, 2013
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