Custom Hydraulic Components

The design team at Bernell Hydraulics can build custom components or entire custom systems.

Custom Hydraulic Components Improved design software, manufacturing processes, and materials have made an increasingly wide variety of custom hydraulic components affordable and practical. Here is an overview of some of the custom hydraulic components you may want to order from Bernell Hydraulics.

Custom Hose Assemblies

Custom hose assemblies are probably one of the most commonly requested custom hydraulic components. This makes when you consider the important role hoses play in a hydraulic system, and how vulnerable these hoses are. Hydraulic hoses are necessary to get fluid from one place to another, which is of course the basis of fluid power. Yet they are at risk of frequent failure due to many different factors, including friction, vibration, corrosion, overbending, and pressure, temperature, or flow rate incompatibility. By getting a custom hose assembly, you can provide your hoses maximum protection from these risk factors by choosing the right hose sizes and materials and routing the hoses in a way that minimizes stress.

Custom Hydraulic Seals

Considering the low cost of off-the-shelf hydraulic seals, you may not immediately think of this part as a candidate for custom work. However, the reality is that you can reap significant benefits with custom hydraulic seals in certain situations. For example, you may be able to achieve higher seal forces which will lead to better performance. You can also ensure better material-fluid compatibility by creating your own custom hydraulic seals.

Custom Hydraulic Systems

Some applications are so specialized that they require an entirely custom hydraulic system to get the job done. Fortunately, you can get expert help designing, fabricating, and caring for custom hydraulic systems at Bernell Hydraulics.

Our in-house design team has experience working on equipment for a wide variety of applications including agriculture, mining, maintenance, industrial processes, etc. We can work with your staff to create or finalize a design for your system and then assemble it using a mix of high-quality off-the-shelf parts and custom hydraulic parts as needed.

Why Choose Bernell Hydraulics for Custom Work

We understand that time is money in just about every business, so we make every effort to complete the design and fabrication process quickly without sacrificing quality. Whether you need one part or a whole system, we will get you a quote for the custom work right away, usually in a matter of days. Once the work is complete, we provide thorough testing to ensure it is working exactly right. All our work is guaranteed for quality so you can rely on us for any custom hydraulic parts needs you may have.

Posted on March 28, 2015
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