Custom Built Hydraulic Systems

Are you thinking about purchasing a hydraulic system? What application will you use it for?

Custom Built Hydraulic SystemsMany people quickly realize that while standard systems are great for many applications, others require custom built hydraulic systems to perform effectively. A custom built hydraulic system may make a world of difference so your intended outcome can be attained.

Not sure which would be best for you?

No problem! We at Bernell Hydraulics would be happy to discuss all your hydraulic system needs with you, ask and answer plenty of questions, and provide you a custom quote for your standard or custom built hydraulic system.

Custom built hydraulic system services

When you contact Bernell Hydraulics by coming to one of our convenient locations in Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, Colton, or Anaheim, by calling 909-899-1751, or by emailing , our hydraulic system expert staff will immediately start formulating your hydraulic system to your exact specifications. We can recommend certain parts and brands over others to ensure you always stay within your budget while planning for your ideal hydraulic system.

Best brands in the business

At Bernell Hydraulics, we only partner with the best vendors to provide us (and you) with high quality hydraulic systems and parts. We’ve hand-picked brands such as Skinner, Sun Hydraulics, Monarch Industries, ParkerStore, Gresen Hydraulics, and many more to bring Southern Californians and others throughout the US great standard and custom built hydraulic systems.


Bernell Hydraulics provides high quality standard and custom built hydraulic systems. Check out photos of some of the hydraulic systems we’ve built here. The staff at Bernell Hydraulics has decades of experience designing custom hydraulic systems and parts for a plethora of industries and applications. We’ll be happy custom design a hydraulic system that will suit your application and specifications perfectly – from concept to completion.

Begin your partnership with Bernell Hydraulics today

Partner with Bernell Hydraulics for all your hydraulic system needs from now on. We can definitely handle all requests you have for complete hydraulic systems and components. Whenever maintenance or repair needs arise, we can also definitely cover you.

We proudly offer 24 hour mobile repair service. Anytime your hydraulic system breaks down, you need to get it back to optimal working order ASAP. Let Bernell Hydraulics handle it for you so you can get back to work right away. When your equipment isn’t working properly, you may not be able to meet customer demands effectively and efficiently, which costs you money. Our experienced hydraulic system technicians have many years of repair experience, and they can almost always make repairs quickly during one short visit. Save money and time by calling Bernell Hydraulics at 909-899-1751 anytime an emergency repair is needed.

Online shopping

For your convenience, we have a fully stocked online store that you can use to order parts. We offer nationwide shipping and accept all major credit cards, and Paypal, too! Access the online store here.

Posted on March 25, 2016
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