Consider Bernell Hydraulics for your Hydraulic Parts & Service in Riverside CA

We have the selection and the staff to provide superior hydraulic parts & service in Riverside CA

Hydraulic Cylinders

At Bernell Hydraulics, we’ve been keeping hydraulic machinery moving for our clients since 1977. Our employees are all extremely good at their jobs, and you can trust our staff to help you with just about any aspect of hydraulic parts & service in Riverside CA. Whether you need to pick up a few spare parts, get a fluid flush, or get advice about how to make your equipment perform better, you can trust us to help.

We Have a Huge Selection

Bernell Hydraulics can help you get your hands on the high-quality, brand name parts you need to keep your hydraulic equipment up and running. We are an authorized distributor of Parker brand hydraulic parts, and we also carry plenty of other brands of hydraulic cylinders, pumps, power units, hoses, fittings, adapters, etc. If you need a standard part, it’s highly likely we have it right on the shelves at one of our three locations. If you’re looking for something a bit more hard to find, we can always special order it for you.

We Offer 3 Easy Methods for Getting Your Parts

When you shop at Bernell Hydraulics, you have 3 choices as to how your order gets fulfilled. Of course, you can always come into one of our shops and pick up the parts yourself. That’s the first option. The second option is to have the parts delivered right to your job site and installed on your equipment by one of our skilled technicians. The third option is to get the parts shipped to you. This last option lets customers outside of southern California take advantage of Bernell Hydraulics’ connections and receive quality parts from us.

We Provide Quality Repairs

When you need hydraulic parts & service in Riverside CA, you should definitely consider Bernell Hydraulics, because we are totally dedicated to providing quality repairs you can count on. We offer 24 hour onsite repair service, and our technicians will double and triple check their work to make sure that the job has been done correctly. We test every repair before we release the machine back to the client!

We Offer Preventative Maintenance

Of course, you don’t necessarily want to wait until something breaks to get hydraulic parts & service in Riverside CA. Preventative maintenance is also very important in keeping your system running smoothly and increasing the lifespan of various hydraulic components. When you trust Bernell Hydraulics with your hydraulic maintenance, we’ll perform fluid testing and monitoring as well as fluid flushes and equipment calibrations to ensure that your machinery can meet all the demands you put on it in the course of a hard day’s work.

Posted on August 2, 2013
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