Common Reasons Why Hydraulic Equipment Malfunctions

Common Reasons Why Hydraulic Equipment Malfunctions

If you operate hydraulic equipment you’re no stranger to hydraulic failures. Thankfully, understanding the common reasons why hydraulic equipment malfunctions can help you reduce the risk!

  1. Damaged Hydraulic Lines
  2. One of the main reasons that hydraulic systems fail is because a hydraulic hose becomes damaged. Hydraulic hoses can become damaged through movement, vibration, and abrasion or if the system is running at higher operating pressure or temperature than the hose is rated for.

    In order to reduce the risk of a damaged hydraulic line, you should always use a hydraulic hose that is rated for the pressure ad temperature that you need to run your system at. You can also reduce the risk of damage due to movement and vibration by using protective sleeves, clamps, and brackets.

  3. Hydraulic Seal or Valve Failure
  4. Hydraulic seals are also another common reason why hydraulic systems fail. These seals are vulnerable because they are typically made of soft material like polyurethane or rubber. That makes them susceptible to damage from contamination, chemicals, and even heat.

    To prevent damage to hydraulic seals, ensure that they are rated for the chemicals that will be used in your system. Also, be sure to use heat-resistant seals and ensure they are properly fitted and kept clean.

  5. Contaminated Hydraulic Fluids
  6. The contamination of hydraulic fluids accounts for almost 80% of failures in hydraulic systems. The largest reason behind the contamination is due to particles. The reason contaminated hydraulic fluids are an issue is that it puts hydraulic pumps at risk. These are the most expensive and vulnerable parts of a hydraulic system and particles inside the hydraulic pump will compromise its efficiency.

To reduce the risk of contaminated hydraulic fluids, you should utilize hydraulic filters. However, knowing what filter to use and where to position it is essential. You should also carefully handle your hydraulic fluids, replacing them when necessary and properly storing them when not in use.

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