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Call the Hose Doctor – Bernell Hydraulics!You know how important hydraulic hoses are for your hydraulic equipment and machinery. These small parts ensure that fluid and power flows correctly. Unfortunately, hydraulic hoses do not last forever. These components need to be changed regularly to keep your system running smoothly. If not, you might find yourself facing a very costly fix down the road.

Do You Know Why Hydraulic Hoses Prematurely Fail?

No matter how high quality your hydraulic hoses are, they will not last forever. Over time these hoses wear and eventually they will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, many people find themselves replacing hydraulic hoses more often than necessary. While it is true that hydraulic hoses will eventually fail, there are a few things that make them fail more quickly, including:

  • Routing improperly
  • Operating system pressure higher than hoses are rated for
  • Very hot operating temperatures within the system
  • Extremely hot or cold temperatures surrounding the equipment
  • Improper fittings at either or both ends of the hose
  • Prolonged exposure to chemicals, oil, mildew and cleaning solutions

By ensuring that these common practices are avoided, or at least accounted for, you can increase the lifespan of your hydraulic hoses.

Bernell Hydraulics Can Supply Top of the Line Products

If you need help ensuring that your hoses are incorporated into your hydraulic system properly, or that they aren’t being unnecessarily strained, Bernell Hydraulics can help! Just call us the hose doctors. At Bernell Hydraulics, we have the best hoses and fittings to keep your hydraulic systems running smoothly. With our top of the line products, you can reduce product defects and lower your overall costs.

By installing the right hoses that meet the temperature and pressure requirements of your hydraulic system, you can keep things running properly. With the proper installation of our quality hoses and fittings, you can reduce costs by allowing your hoses to work longer.

What’s the Bernell Hydraulics Difference?

At Bernell Hydraulics, we work directly with OEMs to make sure that the components we supply are interchangeable and compatible with all major systems and brands. With over 43 years of experience, we also know that hydraulic systems are not a one-size-fits-all type of operation. Often you need customized components, which is why offer custom work to make sure that the hoses and fittings we supply will satisfy even the most uniquely designs systems.

Do You Need to Call the Bernell Hydraulics Hose Doctor?

Are you running through your hoses too quickly? Do you think you are throwing money away due to having to replace your hydraulic hoses too frequently? This is not an uncommon problem, and Bernell Hydraulics is here to help! We have over 43 years of experience in the industry and since 1977 have built up a team of knowledgeable experts to get the job done in a timely efficient manner. Give us a call at 909-899-1751 and let the hose doctors do the rest!


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