Bucher Hydraulics Introduces New Valve for Cylinder Savings

Save energy and money with CINDY-REG load-holding valves on Bucher hydraulic cylinders.

Bucher Hydraulics Introduces New Valve for Cylinder SavingsBucher Hydraulics has introduced a new load-holding and load-control valve that can help save energy directly at the cylinder for lower operating cost and improved efficiency. The new technology is called the CINDY-REG valve.

What Does CINDY-REG Do?

The CINDY-REG smart safety valve helps recapture energy that would otherwise be lost by reusing part of the oil flow at the cylinder. This flow is either fed directly into the opposite side of the cylinder, or else sent back into the tank with no back pressure. During lowering operations in mobile hydraulic equipment, the valve allows a significant reduction in pump output flow. The saved output flow can be redirected to other functions if system design allows.

Advantages of Hydraulic Cylinders with CINDY-REG Valves

Bucher’s hydraulic cylinders with CINDY-REG valves have the potential to reduce your energy consumption by up to 25 percent. This naturally leads to significant cost savings in terms of lower fuel costs. The technology achieves these fuel and energy savings in two main ways. First, by achieving higher cycle rate, and secondly, by ensuring no energy is used on load lowering functions.

CINDY-REG technology is highly safe and reliable. It meets the safety requirements set by ISO 8643 and EN 474 and features high functional safety due to the fact that the load pressure works to assist the valve closing function. The load-holding function is promised to be leak-free, and the entire component is highly durable and reliable thanks to hardened and ground seat-valve components for a very economic whole-life cost on the part.

Looking for Ways to Improve Your Equipment Performance?

There are many possible ways to improve the performance of mobile hydraulic equipment and other types of hydraulic systems. It all depends on the specifics of your application and what parts and configurations you are currently using. If you are interested in learning about possible system changes that could improve your equipment performance, we invite you to discuss your application with our hydraulic equipment experts.

We can provide detailed troubleshooting of your system and offer suggestions for improving whatever aspect of performance is troubling you, from excessive noise and vibration to overheating to poor energy efficiency.

If it turns out your solution involves purchasing a new hydraulic component, we can help with that too. We maintain a huge selection of hydraulic parts, including thousands of items from top brands like Bucher, Lion, and Parker. Anything we don’t have on hand in our stores we can order for you. Please call 909-899-1751 now to learn more.

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