Bernell Hydraulics – The (Hose) Doctor is In!

Bernell Hydraulics – The (Hose) Doctor is In!

Hydraulic hoses might seem simplistic, but there is much more to them than you might realize. These hoses transport fluids between different hydraulic components and actually play a large role in maintaining efficiency of hydraulic equipment. If you look at hydraulic hoses as simply a tool to get fluids from Point A to Point B, you’re going about it all wrong. There are actually many different aspects to take into consideration when choosing the proper hydraulic hose for your system. Keep reading to learn more!

Hose Material

When it comes to hydraulic hoses there are varying materials. The most common hydraulic hoses are made from rubber, but you need to choose your hydraulic hose based on the requirements of your system. Rubber hoses are very flexible, and they can range from high to low pressure. There are also fluoropolymer hoses that are great for high temperature systems. These type of hoses also provide resistance from chemicals and corrosion. Thermoplastic hydraulic hoses are another type of hoses. Hoses made from these materials have a tight bend radii, which makes them superb for kink resistance. Finally, there are also metal hoses. These types of hoses can be stiff or flexible and can handle both high temperatures and very high pressures.

Metal Tube versus Hoses

When looking at hydraulic hoses versus metal tubes, it is easy to become confused. When is it better to use one over the other? For situations where hoses are attached to metal parts, hoses are recommended because of their flexibility and long length. They are also able to be installed easily in tight spaces and act as a better heat insulator. For applications where hoses are installed close to heat sources, it might be best to go with a metal tube because it can stand higher temperatures.

Braided versus Spiral Hose

Hoses obviously come in different materials, but their designs can also differ. There are braided and spiral hoses to consider. When it comes to higher pressures, spiral hoses are actually stronger. However, for lower pressure applications, braided hoses can be a more affordable option for you hydraulic system.

Do you need help choosing the proper hose for your hydraulic system?

If you are having difficulty choosing the right hose for your equipment, Bernell Hydraulics can help! Consider us the Hose Doctors! We have over 43 years of experience and the knowledge necessary to help you choose the best hydraulic hose for your outfit. No matter your pressure, temperature and fluid requirements, Bernell Hydraulics has the hydraulic hose that you need! With in-stock inventory and a team of knowledgeable hydraulic professionals, you can rest assured that we have the perfect hose for your system. Give us a call at 909-899-1751 or visit one of our convenient stores to learn more!

Posted on October 4, 2017
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