The Benefits of a Local Hydraulic Component Supplier

The Benefits of a Local Hydraulic Component SupplierThere are always pros and cons to local versus national chains. At Bernell Hydraulics, the cons are much more limited. That is because even though we are a local company in Southern California, we also ship our components all over the world. Essentially, you’re getting a local store feeling and service, with the product and service offerings of a large national company. With Bernell Hydraulics, you can’t go wrong! Here are just a few ways that Bernell Hydraulics can benefit you.

Immediate Access = Quicker Repairs

When your hydraulic machinery breaks down in your facility or on a job site that usually means you will be experiencing downtime. Now let’s look at two different scenarios. In the first scenario your hop online, look up the replacement components you need from a global supplier, purchase them and then wait for them to be delivered. In the second scenario, you either give Bernell Hydraulics a call or you pop on over to one of our four local hydraulic component retail stores to pick up what you need. Which scenario do you think gets you the parts that you need faster? The one where you deal with shipping and handling wait times, or the one where you stop into a local store and grab exactly what you need?

Wide Selection = The Parts You Need

The one drawback that people might look at when they are dealing with a local company as opposed to a national or global one, is that the selection might be more limited. Comparing your local sporting goods store to Dick’s or Sports Authority might leave you less than satisfied. However, that is not the case with Bernell Hydraulics. We have full lines of hydraulic components for you to utilize in your machinery. We also make custom components that can meet your exact specifications. If you need it, Bernell Hydraulics either has it, or can get it for you.

Local Service = Better Customer Service

When’s the last time you called the customer service department for a company? Did you wait on hold for lengthy periods of time, speak with someone who wasn’t exactly knowledge, or get the runaround because the sales representative that you’re speaking to is an ocean away? Well, with Bernell Hydraulics you never need to worry about that. If you are having an issue with your hydraulic machinery or any components you received from Bernell Hydraulics, you can give us a call or stop into any of our four local stores.

Let Bernell Hydraulics be Your Hydraulic Component Supplier

Having a local hydraulic component supplier and repair company is an essential benefit for many businesses. That is why Bernell Hydraulics is such a highly regarded company throughout the Inland Empire of Southern California. We offer 24/7 repair services and lines of quality, top-notch hydraulic components. Don’t suffer lengthy delays for hydraulic components, just let Bernell Hydraulics help!

Posted on April 5, 2017
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