Back to School With Bernell Hydraulics – Hydraulics 101

Back to School With Bernell Hydraulics – Hydraulics 101

School buses are clogging up traffic in the morning and afternoon once again. Your house is littered with notebooks and piles of homework, and Parent-Teacher Conferences are queued up in a couple of weeks. It can only mean one thing – school is back in session. However, instead of letting your kids have all the fun, why not have a little back to school session yourself with Bernell Hydraulics? Keep reading for a refresher course that we’ve dubbed “Hydraulics 101.”

What powers a hydraulic system?

The theory behind hydraulics is Pascal’s law that states that wherever an enclosed liquid is transmitted undiminished, in every direction, to the inside of a container. This means that large forces can be created with typically very little effort. In a simple hydraulic circuit, force is exerted by a cylinder that is dependent on the size of the tube and the pump pressure.

What components make up a hydraulic system?

A hydraulic system can be made up of many hydraulic components but a simple system has a few core components. In the most simple of hydraulic systems, you will have a reservoir filled with fluid, pump, relief valve, a directional control valve, cylinder, connectors, and hoses. In other systems, there are more complex components, but these are the main ones to be concerned with.

Why is preventative maintenance important?

When listing out the components in a hydraulic system, they sound quite similar to components you would find in a car engine, right? Well, hydraulic systems, like cars and trucks, need to undergo regular maintenance. That includes checking fluid levels and filters and changing them when necessary, in addition to giving the system a general inspection.

Why does having a local hydraulic service and component provider matter?

Having a local hydraulic service provider is extremely important. It allows you to have local access to hydraulic components when you need them, without waiting for shipping. Also, if you have an issue with your hydraulic system, Bernell Hydraulics can come out right away to diagnose and repair the problem. Plus, our knowledgeable hydraulic experts are always just a short drive away!

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