Back to School – Powered by Hydraulics

Back to School – Powered by Hydraulics

It’s September and that means children are heading back to school. It also means the official start of football season, but we’re focusing on different subject matter here!

It’s the night before school starts and you’ve got your kids all ready. You’ve gone back to school shopping and bought all of the folders, writing utensils, binders, clipboards and flash cards specified on your kid’s list. The perfect ‘First Day of School’ outfit has been chosen, ironed, and laid out in the closet. You’ve even packed a stellar lunch complete with an array of healthy, nutritious options. In addition, you’ve gone over the schedule with your child or children to make sure they know where to report to and how to get there.

Everything seems to be perfectly planned out, but as you lay in bed the night before school, your mind can’t help but race with ‘what if’ scenarios. What if they don’t like their teacher? What if a bully steals their lunch? What if they get lost looking for their classroom? What if they don’t make any friends in their new class? What if the subject matter is too hard and they fall behind? What if they miss the school bus on the first day?

Your mind settles on the school bus question and suddenly you find yourself worrying about how your kids are getting to and from school. Are school buses even safe? While the safety issue is a question for another day, you can rest assured that your children are likely riding buses that utilize high quality hydraulic components.

How do buses utilize hydraulic components?

Something you might not be aware of is the fact that school buses are ideal vessels for hydraulic systems. This is due to their stop and go drive cycles and sheer mass. With hydraulic components, braking energy is captured using a motor that pumps hydraulic fluid into a high pressure accumulator. This stored energy is then released to the drive train through the pump-motor. Hydraulics are also used in busses to raise and lower the bus to allow people to get in and out much easier. That means your little first grader won’t have such a mountain to climb to reach the first step of a bus!

How does Bernell Hydraulics help your kids get to school?

At Bernell Hydraulics, we are hydraulic system experts. From custom built systems and hydraulic repair services, to preventative maintenance and in stock inventory, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to keep hydraulic systems running smoothly. That could e even mean the hydraulic components and equipment utilized on school buses taking your children to and from school. To learn more about Bernell Hydraulics and the litany of services we offer, visit Bernell Hydraulics.

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