Authorized Vickers Vendor

Authorized Vickers VendorBernell Hydraulics has proudly offered a whole range of high quality hydraulics systems and parts from an assortment of vendors, including Vickers. Bernell Hydraulics only offers products from top companies in the industry in order to continually meet and often exceed customers’ expectations.

Vickers 101

This company has been one of the most respected and experienced names in hydraulics for decades. In 1999, it became a part of the Eaton company. Vickers supplies power and motion control components in systems, including vane and piston pumps, valves, electro-hydraulic controls, cylinders, and filtration products in industrial, mobile, aerospace, marine, and defense applications worldwide.

Find Vickers products at all 3 of our convenient locations

Come to Bernell Hydraulics to make all your hydraulic system aspirations a reality. We have three conveniently-located stores in Riverside, Colton, and Anaheim to serve all your hydraulic system needs in Southern California. Location information is available here. We will gladly walk you through all of your options, whether you’d like a few hydraulic system parts, a standard system, or a completely custom-built system.

High quality hydraulic system products

We’ve assembled many excellent hydraulic system vendors’ products at our stores, so you’ll easily have access to the hydraulic system materials you need to be successful, whatever application you may your hydraulic system for.

Expert hydraulic system recommendations

Our staff consists of Southern California’s best hydraulic system experts who will be glad to offer you recommendations about which products will work optimally for your chosen application or help you through the process of designing a custom hydraulic system if you’d like. For all your hydraulic system needs in Southern California, there’s only one place you should go—Bernell Hydraulics.

Reliable repair services, too

If your hydraulic system breaks down or begins to malfunction in any way, just call 909-899-1751 to request emergency service or an appointment right away. We know how much you depend on your hydraulic system every single day, so we want yours to be in proper working condition ASAP so you can continue using it again. Our technician will diagnose and fix your hydraulic system’s problem as efficiently as possible without compromising the quality of your repair job. We recommend keeping our phone number handy at all times – you never know when a hydraulic system need will arise, so it’s best to be prepared. We don’t mind getting out of bed in the middle of the night if it means that your hydraulic system needs will be met right away.

Bernell Hydraulics is Southern California’s leading supplier of Vickers quality hydraulic system parts and many more hydraulic system materials that industry leaders depend on every day. Stop by one of our locations or call 909-899-1751 to speak with one of our hydraulic system specialists about your needs today! 

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