5 Possible Consequences of Premature Hose Failure

Learn why premature hose failure is such a risk and how to prevent it.

HosesHoses are among the most vulnerable parts of a hydraulic system. If you neglect your maintenance, you increase your risk of sudden hose failure and expose yourself to some serious consequences:

Personal Injury: Depending on the application, a failed hose has the potential to be under extreme pressure and/or temperatures. It may also contain fluids that would be harmful if they sprayed into the eyes or were ingested.

Oil Spills: Any fluid that is lost from your system due to a hose failure will obviously have to be replaced, which of course costs your business money. Depending on how much fluid is released, you may also face the responsibility of cleaning up the spilled fluid to the standards of whatever organization is in charge of public safety and environmental quality at the site of the spill.

Collateral Damage: When a hydraulic hose fails suddenly, it can cause significant stress to other hydraulic components in the system. For example, a connector or hose clamp might get completely torn off, or a motor may burn itself out without lubrication. Another possibility is that the failure can introduce contamination like water or dirt into the system, which would have the potential to cause problems with oxidation, cavitation, and all kinds of other nasty accelerated wear and tear issues.

Missed Deadlines: Having your hydraulic equipment suddenly knocked out of commission by a failed hose can put a serious kink in your project schedule. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be back to work in a matter of hours or even minutes, but any kind of work stoppage has the potential to affect your business.

Maintenance Costs: Finally, premature hose failure can increase your normal maintenance costs by forcing you to spend money on parts and labor more frequently than you had planned.

Preventing Premature Hose Failure

With so many negative consequences associated with sudden hose failure, naturally it would be best to just avoid the whole experience entirely. The best way to do this is to inspect hoses for damage frequently and replace them as soon as they become significantly worn. In addition, it is important to choose a quality product and install it correctly. Bernell Hydraulics can help in the following ways:

  • Quality Hoses & Fittings: We can provide high-quality products such as Parker hydraulic hoses, some of which have abrasion resistances hundreds of times greater than the competition. Just tell us the temperature, pressure, and chemical resistance requirements of your application and we’ll make sure you get the right hoses. We can also provide high-quality fittings to help create secure connections between hoses and other parts.
  • Hose Configurations: Bending a hose past its acceptable radius or installing it in such a way that it is subject to frequent shocks and vibrations are surefire ways to reduce your hose’s life expectancy. At Bernell Hydraulics, we can help you set up hose configurations that will promote better performance. We can even create custom hose assemblies if needed.
  • Hose Clamps: Don’t forget hose clamps to help stabilize hoses and protect against excessive abrasion! We have those too.
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