4 Signs of a Good Place to Buy Hydraulic Parts Online

Learn why Bernell Hydraulics makes a good place to shop for hydraulic parts.

4 signsWhen your hydraulic equipment breaks down, the most convenient possible scenario would be for there to be a fully stocked parts store close by that you could zip over to and pick up the parts you need. If you live in the immediate vicinity of one of Bernell Hydraulics’ ParkerStore locations, this scenario will work perfectly for you.

But what if your job site is located outside our immediate neighborhood? You might not have time to stop by in person and shop. Fortunately, any hydraulic equipment operator anywhere in the nation can still shop with us quickly and conveniently using our online store and get their parts shipped straight to their work site.

Here are 4 signs that Bernell Hydraulics is a company you can trust with your online parts buying needs.

Solid Reputation

Sites like eBay and Amazon are popular for all kinds of shopping, but they’re really not great for buying hydraulic parts. Why? Because while you may trust the overall site to be reputable, the individual sellers may not be so trustworthy. It is quite common for parts sold by these sorts of individuals to be described wrong in the listings. They might be knockoff parts, used parts, damaged parts—you really have no way of knowing if you don’t trust the seller. Bernell Hydraulics, on the other hand, is a seller you can trust because we have a solid reputation for quality hydraulic parts sales dating all the way back to 1977.

Manufacturer Connections

Another sign that Bernell Hydraulics is a good place to buy hydraulic parts online is that we are an authorized distributor of Parker brand parts. This means we have a direct supply line to Parker and we can deliver authentic Parker parts every time. We hold ourselves to a similar standard with other brands, always careful to stock our inventory with authentic parts that will perform up to their manufacturer’s standards.

Fair Prices

Sometimes, an amazingly low price on an item online is a red flag that something about the transaction isn’t quite right. At Bernell Hydraulics, our online prices are every bit as fair and reasonable as our store prices. You can rest assured we aren’t trying to take advantage of you with inflated prices or trick you with overly low ones.

Live Help

One final reason to buy hydraulic parts online from a real store such as Bernell Hydraulics is that we have experienced salespeople who can help you with your order and answer any questions you may have. All you have to do is call us at 909-899-1751 during business hours.

Remember, our online store doesn’t show all of the 1,000s of hydraulic parts we have in stock, so if you need something and you can’t find it online, please call us!

Posted on May 26, 2015
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