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Types of Hydraulic Motors

Bernell Hydraulics carries all kinds of hydraulic motors from top hydraulic parts manufacturers. When the layperson thinks of a motor, they typically think of a car motor or combustion engine. However, this type of motor is not what we mean when we talk about a hydraulic motor. In this blog we’ll give a brief introduction…

Parker Joins Quest to Break World Land Speed Record

Parker to supply advanced hydraulic and pneumatic parts to car poised to break world speed record. Since the company’s founding in 1918, Parker has considered innovation in the motion control industry a key component of their identity. Often, this leads to involvement in very exciting initiatives in other industries. One recent example of Parker’s tradition…

5 Ideas for Improving Hydraulic Hose Life

Ensure you’re getting the most from your hydraulic hoses with these 5 tips. If a hydraulic pump is the heart of a hydraulic system, hydraulic hoses are the veins, carrying fluid power to every part of the system. Without strong, reliable hoses, it is simply not possible to enjoy trouble-free, efficient operation from your system….

Bucher Hydraulics Introduces New Valve for Cylinder Savings

Save energy and money with CINDY-REG load-holding valves on Bucher hydraulic cylinders. Bucher Hydraulics has introduced a new load-holding and load-control valve that can help save energy directly at the cylinder for lower operating cost and improved efficiency. The new technology is called the CINDY-REG valve. What Does CINDY-REG Do? The CINDY-REG smart safety valve…

4 Reasons to Buy Parker Hydraulic Power Units

Parker hydraulic power units can simplify your life and improve equipment performance. While the general principles of fluid mechanics may be simple, putting them in practice with the design and maintenance of today’s hydraulic equipment is not. Fortunately, you can simplify your end of the deal by relying on Parker hydraulic power units for your…

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